Bosto Claus, better known by /his/ stage name KI KANK, was a Norwegian actor that killed Elsise Parker in 1990.

Early Life Edit

Bosto was born in Oslo on [May 17, 1962], as Simon Bosto Claus Jr, but his name was later changed to Bosto Claus only. He had two little sisters called Nan and Sisi, which he supposedly killed in 1986 but he was never charged with murder.

Acting Career Edit

Bosto started making movies in 1985 in films such as Great (1986) and Fans Onboard (1988). His last movie was called "Give Lemon" (1994).

Murderer (1985-1996) Edit

In July 1986, Bosto was convicted for killing his younger sisters in Sweden. The Police had found two bodies of "women" lying in a forest not so close to where Bosto lived at the time. He was never charged with murder. However, In March of 1990, he was sentenced to life in prison for killing 7 year old Elisa Sarah Parker. Her body was found close to a river in Phoenix, Arizona where Bosto was on vacation at the time. They also found handprints on her clothes that was Boston's!

Prison time and Death Edit

Bosto was charged with brutal murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no parole. He later broke out of prison by bombing the prison "system" so he could come out. Later he snatched a helicopter and flew away.


On August 29, 1998, Bosto was hanging out at McDonald's with his assistant when FBI suddenly showed up and shot -Bosto at least twenty times, with more then fifteen hitting his head.

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